Primary Variables

The DAFNE databank is based on information collected in the context of the nationally representative household budget surveys (HBS), which are regularly conducted by the National Statistical Offices. The HBSs collect data on all goods available to the household members (including purchases, own production and payment in kind), as well as on the socio demographic characteristics of households and individuals.

From the abundance of data collected in the HBSs, the DAFNE network is focusing on the following:

  1. General information
    • Household identification number
    • Trimester of participation
  2. Nutritional information
    • Food code
    • Total food expenditure (food expenditures outside the household included)
    • Expenditure per food item
    • Expenditure for eating out
    • Amounts per food item
    • Type of acquisition
  3. Socioeconomic information
    • Degree of urbanization of household (urban, rural, semi-urban)
    • Name of geographical area where the household is situated
    • Household size
    • Household composition
    • Age and gender of household head and members
    • Relationship of household members with the household head
    • Household disposable income (net income)
    • Household total expenditure
    • Occupation / employment status / economic activity of household - head and members
    • Education of household head and members
    • Income of household head
    • Medical expenses data